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Wednesday 28th January
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Tuesday 27th February
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Wednesday 21st February
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Outdoor Education Trip over New Year

Fees (2017 - 2018 academic year)

Prep School

  Nursery £48.50/day (8am to 6pm, including meals)
£27.00/session (Morning: 8am to 1pm including meals or Afternoon: 1pm to 6pm including meals)
  Reception £2050 per term (4-5)
  Year 1 £2050 per term (5-6)
  Year 2 £2050 per term (6-7)
  Year 3 £2487 per term (7-8)
  Year 4 £2487 per term (8-9)
  Year 5 £2997 per term (9-10)
  Year 6 £3728 per term (10-11)

Lunches for Reception to Year 6: £2.75 per day

Music Lessons: for 10 x 40 minute lessons £275 per term; for 10 x 30 minute lessons £210 per term.

Additional Maths and English in the Prep School

Individual for 30 mins            £19.00
Individual for 60 mins            £33.50
Paired lessons for 60 mins   £24.00

Senior School 

  Year 7 Day pupil £4387 per term
    Boarding £9260 per term
    Weekly Boarding £7415 per term
    International Boarding £9527 per term
  Year 8 Day pupil £4830 per term
    Boarding £9260 per term
    Weekly boarding £7415 per term
    International boarding £9527 per term
  Years 9-13 Day pupil £4928 per term
    Boarding £9875 per term
    Weekly boarding £7725 per term
    International boarding £10165 per term

Note: Weekly boarding is available from Monday morning until after activities on Saturday.  Pupils may, with the agreement of the House Master/Mistress, be allowed home after completion of school on Friday evening.

Flexi Boarding (all year groups)          £40.00 per night
Note: If room is available, day pupils may stay in boarding for occasional nights.
The nightly charge includes dinner, bed and breakfast. 

Lunches/Evening meals for day pupils.    £2.95 per meal
(pupils wishing to stay for evening meals to attend clubs/rehearsals etc. must book in advance)

Music Lessons: 10 x 40 minute lessons - £275 per term

Lessons in English as an Additional Language (maximum costs per term £500)
& Additional Maths and English:
Individual Lessons - £49.50 per hour
Paired Lessons - £26.00 per hour
Group Lessons - £16.50 per hour

Please note that charges are made for external exams.

A deposit of £1000 is required for all overseas students and £400 for UK students.  This is refunded when the student leaves the School, less any payments due to the School at that time.

Wellington School accepts childcare vouchers towards payment of some elements of the service we provide. However, there are restrictions on their use and acceptance by care providers.
Broadly, the School can accept payment by childcare vouchers until a child reaches the age of five. This is due to this supply being considered as ‘care’, as opposed to ‘tuition’.
Tuition given to children aged 5 and over and forming part of their compulsory education is specifically excluded from being allowed for childcare voucher purposes.
Similarly, HM Revenue and Customs do not allow the use of childcare vouchers towards payment for music lessons, sports coaching and the like if they take place during the normal school day – including lunch breaks.
Childcare vouchers can be used towards payment for chargeable after-school and holiday clubs. They may also be accepted for certain extra-curricular activities which take place on School or other premises covered by Ofsted or ISI inspection. Again, there is an exclusion for extra-curricular activities which take place on premises not covered by school inspection.
Childcare vouchers can be used towards payment for boarding up to 1 September following a child’s 5th birthday.
If you would like any additional information about childcare vouchers, please contact the School Accounts Office.



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