Maths No Problem Open Day

Tuesday 17th April
8.30am - 2.00pm
Easter Family Worship

Sunday 18 March
Teen People

19th and 20th March
Students brave the elements in Scotland

Outdoor Education Trip over New Year

Community Service

Boarders in Years 12 and 13 can volunteer to be part of the community service programme. This gives students the chance to learn new skills, especially communication skills which will be of benefit at university and in later life.

They are able to show a commitment to voluntary service and give something back to society and the community of Wellington. Students have the opportunity of working with people of different ages outside a school environment.

Community placements are organised locally to fit in with the students’ future ambitions and also their timetable. So far students have worked in the local Cottage Hospital and a nursing home chatting to the elderly, in local charity shops preparing goods for sale, in the local library and in playgroups and nursery schools. A group of students have also set up a Mandarin Speaking Club for other students.
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