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Wednesday 28th January
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Wednesday 21st February
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Outdoor Education Trip over New Year

Boarding Events

Every community needs its culture, and culture is developed partly through events.

Many events go on for boarders at Wellington including those listed below:

Quay West Waterpark: an biannual pilgrimage to the thrills of the waterpark by the sea near Torbay. A great day out in the sun, and a very good first September weekend event to help new boarders make friends.

The “Julians” Dinner: a new event in September designed to introduce parents of our day pupils to boarders from overseas who might benefit from having a link family to help broaden their cultural experience while in the UK. An opportunity to meet new people and make friends; the first holding of this event in 2012 was a definite success.

Boarders’ Xmas Factor: a talent show wrapped up in a bit of Christmas tinsel and flavoured with numerous performances.  Who can ever forget Emile Atkins and his belly dance, or the mighty Overside rendition of the New Zealand Haka? A wonderful and fun occasion.

Christmas trip to London: when this was first discussed there were a few eyebrows raised at the size of the undertaking, but this event is now a fixed part of the yearly boarding calendar. Get up early, snooze on a coach and then have a bus tour of the sights of West London followed by the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street on a busy pre-Christmas Sunday. Not for those who dislike shopping...

The Boarders’ Christmas Carol Service: a seasonal offering of carols put on in our own Chapel by the Chapel Choir specially for the boarding community. All boarders attend, and with a mince pie and glass of mulled wine to follow, this is a lovely way to finish the first term.

Chinese New Year: a wonderful meal prepared by our Chinese students with help from the catering department. There are Chinese cultural and musical overtones throughout, culminating in the famous Dragon Dance performed by members of our Chinese Community.
The Paintballing Trophy: an established “come and get bruised by high velocity paintballs” event for senior boys. Teams of 15 battle it out on a warm day in May for the right to receive the trophy in Headmasters’ Assembly the following day. The boys talk about this one for weeks before it happens...

The House Dinner: every House holds a special dinner in the summer term. Boys and girls dress up; the menu is created by the students. Guests including staff and ex-students are invited, with speeches, prizes, House entertainments and extended bedtimes for all. Often the event highlight of the year.

Willows vs Lights: blood and thunder competition in any activity, from basketball to rugby, debating to House singing. Willows and Lights are both senior boys’ boarding houses and, despite strong friendships across the whole community, there is nothing quite like a Willows vs Lights contest to brighten up the day!

“Theme Nights”: these are sprinkled through the year, with a national theme identified by the catering manager and a menu and dinner event developed from it. Past favourites include the Mexican “Tacos” evening, Curry night and the US Burger Bar. Fun evenings for all, and good to have a bit of culinary variety!
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