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Pupils get out on the water

Canoeing Trip on the River Tone
Goalkeeper attends Hockey West Perfomance Centre

Year 10 pupil takes next step on Player Pathway
Caving Trip to Devon

A wet and muddy adventure for pupils


At Wellington School, we do much more than just feed our pupils – we bombard them with different culinary experiences and flavours. Jane Cull, our effervescent Catering Manager, is constantly introducing new and interesting menus – always using locally sourced and healthy ingredients.

In any one lunchtime, there will be a minimum of 3 main courses, a choice of many vegetable accompaniments,  different types of potato or rice dishes and a range of extra goodies, such as chapatis, tacos, poppodums and delicious sauces. There is always homemade soup, and a mouthwatering array of puds – starting with the healthy fruit salads and ranging through crème fraiche, homemade yoghurts and fruit compote, sorbets and strudels to the decidedly more substantial hearty sponge and custard options. There are always more traditional elements for the less adventurous palate, and the junior school children.
In addition, there are frequently amazing themed mealtimes for boarders and day pupils. We recently enjoyed a fabulous Bollywood lunch, complete with glitter ball and curry house music, Chinese and Ukranian New Years have been celebrated with traditional banquets, and a street food evening introduced the flavours and tastes of the suqs. There have been Caribbean days, Jubilee and Royal Wedding parties, 80’s themed meals, English Country Garden spreads, Japanese sushi and noodle evenings and Thai banquets – (one of our staff is a professional Thai chef). In every such occasion, the dining hall is transformed into the appropriate cultural environment.
On Saturday evenings, the Boarding community have a boarder's choice of food which is chosen by house on a rota basis and the Boarders afternoon teas are a homemade selection of cakes / waffles.
The match teas and cakes are legendary, and parents, staff and pupils alike are always delighted to be playing at home.

We offer a 3 week rolling menu.  Week 1   Week 2   Week 3
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