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Horizons Academic Lecture
In the Footsteps of Elephants
25th January
Join us for an exciting adventure with old girl and CEO of the charity Elephants for Africa, Dr Kate Evans.  Kate will take us on a journey from failing common entrance to budding zoologist and passionate conservationist.  A journey that now sees her head up the UK charity Elephants for Africa (EfA) having completed her PhD at Bristol University.  Partnering with farmers and communities, Elephants for Africa’s holistic approach to understanding the needs and requirements of both elephants and humans is working towards human-elephant coexistence in an area of Botswana that has recently seen an influx of elephants as they return to historic rangelands.

Botswana is home to the largest remaining elephant population in the world, and unlike other range states it is conflict with humans that is the largest conservation issue affecting their long-term survival. With poaching rife throughout their home range Botswana’s elephant population is vital to the longterm survival of the African elephant. Elephants for Africa, focuses its research efforts on male elephants, a little researched aspect of elephant biology, yet is it the males that are the main crop-raiders.

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