Reception and Price's Nursery Trip to Bicton Gardens

An interesting day out in the sunshine
Today's the Day

The Teddy Bears have their picnic
Year 1 visit Pennywell Farm

Pupils meet the animals
Reception welcomed to Year 1

Fun transition afternoon for Reception pupils

Middle Years

"An excellent programme of trips and visits is organised, which supports topics within the curriculum and enriches the pupils’ learning. A very wide range of residential excursions make a significant contribution to pupils’ personal development through fostering leadership skills, team spirit, personal and group awareness and respect for one another’s capabilities." (ISI Report 2014)

In Years 3 and 4 our children's horizons and opportunities broaden.

With care and support, each child’s progress in all areas of school life develops in leaps and bounds. Learning remains ‘hands on’ as teachers combine the best of traditional teaching methods with the most effective modern techniques, ensuring that each child is growing in ability, self-belief and independence.
The structure of school life becomes slightly more formal at this stage. Homework is introduced more regularly at Year 3, as well as the essential work on spellings and times tables. All children are involved in school performances and many will be also involved in school choirs and orchestral groups. The level of sport becomes more competitive with regular fixtures against local schools and the opportunity to represent the school in the Under 9s teams.

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