Year 2 present Project on Animals

Parents delighted by Year 2 showcase
Reception down on the farm

Feeding the lambs
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Thoughtful video created with the help of our Prep School pupils.
Wow Science Day

School full of scientists


Music is a particular strength of the School.  Each year we participate in regional music festivals and we hold termly concerts, as well as many other events that take place each week, from mini concerts to our orchestra practice. 

Our team of peripatetic music teachers provides tuition across a wide and growing range of instruments and styles.
Children’s performances are truly inspiring, as is their enthusiasm, but the most important lessons children learn from playing an instrument and singing in a choir are that…
...the harder they work, the better they get,
...the more they practise, the better they get,
...the higher the standards they demand of themselves, the better they get.
In music, as in almost every area of life, the greater the challenge, the greater the reward.

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