Pupils hear about 100th Birthday

Year 3 Time to Talk session
Egyptian Workshop for Year 3

Exploring the ancient world
Year 1 read with older pupils

Year 8 pupils pop in to share a book
Reception plant a tree at Forest School

A Christmas Tree for the future


Sport is a vital element of our school.  Every child should be able to find a sport that he or she enjoys, whether it is to be found among the traditional team sports of rugby, hockey, netball, rounders and cricket, or among the other opportunities we provide such as handball, fencing, rowing, swimming, athletics and cross-country. 

Over the course of a year, we typically run over twenty different sports through the curriculum and the co-curriculum, and we are always trying to match the right child to the right sport.
Children are encouraged to make the most of their talents and all have the chance to represent the School in fixtures against other schools.  
There are many reasons why sport is so important to us.  Among these is the need for children to understand the value of teamwork and purposeful practice.  Similarly, learning how to win as well as how to come second are equally important.  
Specialist teaching and coaching staff make the most of each child’s enthusiasm.  From the children who swim their first width, to those who are selected to represent their districts, their counties and the south-west, all are supported, encouraged and developed by our coaching team.
And, of course, we play to win.

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