Pupils hear about 100th Birthday

Year 3 Time to Talk session
Egyptian Workshop for Year 3

Exploring the ancient world
Year 1 read with older pupils

Year 8 pupils pop in to share a book
Reception plant a tree at Forest School

A Christmas Tree for the future


Our Uniform supplier is changing and from June 2017 Schoolblazer will provide uniform online. New pupils will need to purchase the new uniform before starting in September 2017.  Current pupils will need to wear the new uniform from September 2018.  To purchase Wellington School uniform from Schoolblazer please go to

The Second Hand Uniform Shop situated to the left hand side of the Princess Royal Sports Centre stocks a variety of good quality Prep and Senior uniform and is open on Friday afternoons from 3.30 - 5.00pm.

Smart and appropriate uniform and personal presentation are important parts of our school life and ethos. They are compulsory, not optional.
The following is an excerpt from the Prep School’s Good Behaviour Policy:
“Appropriate and correct school uniform is to be worn at all times unless specific permission has been granted (e.g. recovering from an accident, a non-uniform day). Uniform must be named and labelled in the prescribed manner.
All school staff will monitor, and, if necessary, question the appearance of all children. If a child’s uniform is incomplete or inappropriate, the following steps should be taken.
1. If a child comes to school with incorrect or missing uniform then a chat with the parents or a polite letter home should resolve the issue.
2. If there is no response, then the matter will have to be taken to the Head of Key Stage, who will consult with the Deputy Head as to the best course of action.
3. If uniform is unnamed, one firm reminder should suffice, but must be followed-up. If the situation continues, a letter home may be necessary explaining the need for naming and the cost of replacement.

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