Pupils hear about 100th Birthday

Year 3 Time to Talk session
Egyptian Workshop for Year 3

Exploring the ancient world
Year 1 read with older pupils

Year 8 pupils pop in to share a book
Reception plant a tree at Forest School

A Christmas Tree for the future

Headmaster's Welcome 

Leading Wellington Prep School is a tremendous privilege.  Having worked in many settings, I know that one of the many benefits of being an independent school is that we can be truly independent, providing the best education possible for our children. 

I believe that every child deserves to be inspired every day.  The qualities our children will need in life are as important as their skills.  This is why we have high expectations for each child, nurture and support each child and develop each child’s leadership skills.  Our children are being encouraged to think independently, and are willing to ‘have a go’, secure in the knowledge that they can learn from mistakes. They are excited about developing new skills.
Making mistakes, taking risks and the importance of service; not typical headline statements, perhaps.  But we are not a typical school.  We are a school where, “Pupils show positive attitudes towards their learning. They accept challenge and are ready to take risks and to learn from this process. They are active learners with a strong desire to succeed” (ISI Report, 2014), and so it should be!  
Our website will also give you a sense of our momentum, purpose and wider school family.  However, there is no substitute for seeing what we do first-hand and if you would like to find out more about our school, we would be delighted to meet you…

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