Teatime Concert

Wedenesday 22 November
Steinway Piano Competition and Young Pianist's Platform

Saturday and Sunday
25 & 26th November

Wednesday 6 December to Friday 8 December
Sixth Form Experience

Thursday 16 November

School Aims

Nisi Dominus Frustra:  ‘Apart from God, our labour is in vain.’

Founded in 1837, Wellington School is a co-educational, 2-18 day and boarding school set in a small town and surrounded by beautiful Somerset countryside.  We are a busy, grounded and happy school which welcomes local, national and international pupils from diverse backgrounds. We offer a strong academic curriculum and a wealth of co-curricular opportunities underpinned by sensitive pastoral care and a well-founded sense of values.
We believe that:
the values of participation, perseverance, integrity, courtesy and kindness will serve pupils well at school and beyond. 
the best in education cannot and should not always be measured and that lessons are learned both in and out of the classroom.
patience, understanding and a strong partnership with parents are required to support pupils through their childhood and teenage years.
education has many parts - intellectual, cultural, physical, emotional, social, moral, spiritual - and pupils flourish at different times, in different ways. 
We seek to:
emphasise the importance of resilience, of taking responsibility and valuing relationships
combine the best of the public and grammar school ethos which is intrinsic to Wellington and maintain a spirit of tradition and innovation. 
see pupils leave Wellington ready to face the future with confidence and humility.
foster a sense of community, centred around our beautiful Chapel, where the needs of the group are articulated, but individuals are recognised, nurtured and valued.
provide a secure and challenging environment where pupils learn, learn how to learn, learn about others and about themselves.

Above all we hope that pupils will enjoy their time at Wellington and remember that the measure of a good education is one that has life-long benefits.

‘Learning for Life’


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