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Maths No Problem Open Day

Tuesday 17th April
8.30am - 2.00pm
Easter Family Worship

Sunday 18 March
Teen People

19th and 20th March
Students brave the elements in Scotland

Outdoor Education Trip over New Year


“The excellent relationships between the pupils themselves and the boarding staff are a real strength of the boarding community. Boarders enjoy each other’s company and acknowledge the beneficial effect boarding has on their independence and self-reliance.” (ISI Integrated Inspection Report, 2011)

“People who haven’t experienced boarding would see it as just a place to sleep, but it’s so much more - it’s a home. The experiences, memories and close bonds I’ve made whilst boarding are ones I’ll cherish forever. It makes you more independent and yet you learn to live with such a wide range of people. Late night discussions on life and gatherings in the common room over a piece of toast, talking about everything a teenage mind thinks about, are just some of our favourite pastimes and help us to understand each other better. The House has such a relaxed atmosphere and there is always a cheerful face or a shoulder to cry on. It builds confidence, opinions and most of all character, and friendships to last a lifetime. I feel I am a better person for boarding and wouldn’t change it for anything.” (Sarah, Beech House boarder) Wellington School offers full, weekly and flexi boarding – these last two increasingly popular with parents and pupils, who find it suits modern family life.
Boarding aims to help pupils gain independence, self-reliance and leadership skills and the boarding community provides a friendly, caring environment based on family values.
Live-in House staff, supported by tutors and matrons, are committed to knowing each pupil and ensuring pastoral care as well as academic monitoring. They also make sure boarders have fun through organised activities ranging from cinema to bowling and shopping trips.
The Senior boys (13 - 18 years) live in two houses, Willows and Lights; the Lower School boys and girls (10 - 13 years) enjoy the space of Overside House and senior girls live in Beech House. Each House has a close-knit sense of family and community, and joins in inter-house events - working together to raise money for charity, performing boarders’ plays, celebrating Chinese New Year.
A students’ General Boarders’ Committee and a Food Committee meet regularly to discuss their needs and boarders contribute significantly to all areas of the School.
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