Teatime Concert

Wedenesday 22 November
Steinway Piano Competition and Young Pianist's Platform

Saturday and Sunday
25 & 26th November

Wednesday 6 December to Friday 8 December
Sixth Form Experience

Thursday 16 November

Health Centre

The School Health Centre is situated in a quiet house in the centre of the school, close enough for easy access and sufficiently private for pupils to go without embarrassment.

We provide a high standard of health care for all pupils who are ill or injured during the day, and the equivalent of the Doctor’s surgery for our boarders.

We also manage the health needs of all pupils, from accidents and colds to long-term illnesses. It has consulting rooms and a room for boarding students to be nursed over night, if required. An Independent School Counsellor is also available through appointment; all counselling is undertaken in a private room in the medical centre. All medical information is regarded as confidential to the individual.

The School Health Centre is staffed by 4 registered nurses and managed by the Senior Nurse, Mrs Denise Moyse. Either Dr Rachel Yates or Dr Marc Janes holds a surgery twice a week for boarders so that boarders are able to choose a male or female doctor to meet their needs. Boarders’ notes are linked to the Luson Surgery in Wellington. 
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