NSPCC Parents' Workshop Online Safety

Wednesday 28th January
Piano Faculty Evening and Concert

Tuesday 27th February
Year 9 Parents Headmaster's Forum

Wednesday 21st February
Students brave the elements in Scotland

Outdoor Education Trip over New Year

Our Approach

We believe strongly that education should be a partnership between home and school and a partnership between teachers and students.

At Wellington, the House is the bridge between each. Dedicated House Staff and a personal tutor for each pupil oversee every aspect of a student’s welfare and academic progress and, as in all good partnerships, high standards of courtesy and mutual respect are expected and encouraged. Students register in House groups and attend House meetings, chapels and assemblies together to create a strong sense of belonging.

The School is divided into the Lower School (Years 7 and 8) and the Upper School, with separate House meetings and lunch times and a different range of activities so that pastoral care can be tailored to the needs of each year group.
Houses are supported by the School Health Centre for a healing hand or a listening ear when necessary. The Chaplain and the Deputy Heads all play an important role in ensuring students are looked after and look after each other.

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