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The Library

The Library

The Library in the Prep School is a vibrant, colourful resource which the children are always excited to visit.

Every class has a weekly slot where they can choose new books to read and make themselves comfortable on the soft  furnishings. In addition to this, there are two lunchtime slots a week enabling children to have some quiet reading time if they would like a break from the playground.

The Library is also the hotbed of activity for our reading challenges! Each child is given a bookmark showing various challenges depending on their reading level. On completion they are awarded a Golden Ticket which enables them to choose a ‘Secret Book’. The differing levels show progression in reading as the children move up through the school.

A visit to this wonderful space will inspire the children to read as it is fully stocked with books for all ages in the Prep School and hosts a wide range of modern and traditional fiction as well as a wide range of non- fiction.