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The policies and information on these pages are subject to change due to annual reviews and changes in statutory guidance. If you have any questions, please contact the school.


Prep School

Curriculum Policy - Prep School

Intimate Care Policy
Promoting Good Behaviour Policy - Prep School
Supervision of Pupils Policy - Prep School

Senior School

Academically Able Pupils Policy - Senior School
Assessment and Reporting Policy - Senior School
Curriculum Policy - Senior School
Promoting Good Behaviour Policy - Senior School
Supervision of Pupils Policy - Senior School
Teaching and Learning Policy - Senior School

Whole School

Access Control Workplace Safety & Lone Working Policy - Whole School
Accessibility Plan - Whole School
Admissions Policy - Whole School
Adults Visiting & Staying with Staff in School Accommodation Policy - Whole School
Adverse Weather Policy - Whole School
Antibullying Policy - Whole School 
Careers Policy - Whole School
Complaints Procedure - Whole School
Copyright and Plagiarism Policy - Whole School
Data Protection - Whole School
Dogs On Site Policy - Whole School
Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Misuse Policy
E-Safety Policy - Whole School
Equality Policy - Pupils - Whole School
Exclusions Policy - Whole School
Fire Safety Policy - Whole School
First Aid & Medical Provision Policy - Whole School 
Fundraising & Gift Acceptance Policy - Whole School
Guardianship Policy and Agreement - Whole School
Gender Pay Gap Report 2018
Gender Pay Gap Report 2020 

Gender Pay Gap Report 2021 
Grievance Procedure - Whole School
Health & Safety Policy - Whole School
Health and Safety Statement of Intent - Whole School
Learning Support Policy - Whole School
Mental Health Policy - Whole School
Nut Allergy Policy - Whole School
Policy on the recruitment of ex-offenders

Prevent Risk Assessment - Whole School
Prevent Strategy - Whole School
PSHEE and RSE Policy - Whole School
Pupil Complaints Policy - Whole School
Risk Assessment Policy - Whole School
Safer Recruitment Policy - Whole School
Safeguarding Policy and Child Protection Procedures - Whole School
Staff Code of Conduct - Whole-School
Standard Terms & Conditions
Trips & Educational Visits Policy - Whole School
Visitors Policy
Whistleblowing Policy - Whole School

Privacy Policies

Parent Privacy Notice
Pupil Privacy for Parents Notice
Pupil Privacy Notice
Privacy Notice for Staff
Privacy Notice for OWs
Privacy Notice for COVID-19 Testing