The Early Years Curriculum

The Early Years Curriculum

We match learning to children.

Different child? Different technique.

At Wellington Nursery School we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. This Curriculum has seven areas of learning: three prime areas (P) and four specific areas (S):

Personal Social and Emotional Development (P)

This area is about enabling children to relate socially and emotionally to the world around them; how they make friendships, share, deal with their ever-changing emotions, develop independence and celebrate their achievements and uniqueness. We understand how fundamentally important this area is for a child’s development and wellbeing. Skilled staff help children to identify their emotions and teach strategies to promote self-regulation of some tricky emotions!

Communication and Language (P)

This is one of the most important aspects of development in the early years. Skilful adults support each child’s ability to communicate through modelling language, becoming involved in a child’s play and helping children to develop skills to become good listeners by gently expanding children’s attention and vocabulary. We want children to use the tools of communication to develop friendships, better understanding, express feelings and emotions, articulate wants and needs, and celebrate achievements.

Physical Development (P)

This area covers a child’s development in balance, co-ordination, fine motor skills, strength, agility and promoting ways to keep healthy. We enjoy a wide range of Physical opportunities including Physical Education, Balanceability, Ten Gems and ‘Wake and Shake’.

Literacy (S)

This area focuses on developing early literacy skills. When a child leaves our Nursery with a love of books and an enthusiasm for the rhythm and rhyme of literature, then our dedicated staff have accomplished a vital mission! Children are encouraged to be creative with early mark making skills and their attempts at writing are valued and celebrated. A child’s early writing is special and unique to individuals, just like the various signatures we see in adults’ writing.

We follow the Letters and Sounds programme, which helps to develop listening and attention skills. This is an important stage for young children and shapes the critical foundations for when a child is ready to learn formal phonics through the ‘Read, Write. Inc’ programme. 

Mathematics (S)

In this area we are building the foundations for Mathematical skills through counting, joining in with number rhymes, recognising numerals, developing skills and vocabulary around measure, and recognising patterns and shapes.  A practical and problem-solving approach underpins the development of early number skills as Wellington Prep School uses the Singaporean  ‘Maths - No Problem!’ to teach Maths. 

Understanding the World (S)

We value and celebrate diversity by having an awareness of a child’s culture and religion and exploring other cultures and faiths.  We also work hard to create our own community spirit within our Nursery environments by exploring Fundamental British Values and respecting all contributions.   This area of learning also encompasses computing, exploring different environments, discovering nature and the magic of being in the great outdoors.  Woodland Learning is a great way to engage with nature and the ever-changing seasons of the year!

Expressive Arts and Design (S)

Children are given opportunities to express their creativity and imagination through different mediums like dance, music, sculpture, paint, colour and storytelling. Exploring different media and materials is an important part of the process and is a vital part of the outcome.

More importantly…

…through play and skilled adult interactions we value and promote the Characteristics of Effective Learning to inspire children to develop the skills to become mindful, confident, independent individuals with an enduring love for learning.