Nursery 3-4 Years

These ages are a time when children progress and grow rapidly, and where children are bursting with awe, wonder, fun and joy.  Our staff team  recognises the special responsibilities we hold as custodians of these important years, careful not to lose sight of these precious opportunities for every child.

At Wellington Nursery School we want exactly the same for the children in our care as parents do. Our philosophy is to provide our children with playful opportunities that encourage and challenge, thus enabling them to blossom into bright, independent, confident and happy little people. Children’s happiness and fulfilment always come first and are placed at the heart of our ethos. 

Our Nursery settings help to create a ‘home from home’ feeling by providing:

  • Caring and highly qualified staff that become the ‘Key Person’ to both the child and the parent;
  • Beautiful learning environments inside and outside that promote a sense of exploration, independence and choice; 
  • Friendly, open and honest parent partnerships to develop the best programme of learning and support to benefit a child’s overall development;
  • Wonderful additional educational enhancement services which support a child’s interests and development (such as Balance-ability, Forest School, Music Lessons, Computing, physical development programmes).  

We are very fortunate to benefit from the many advantages and opportunities of being part of a thriving boarding school.  From the excellent food to sharing superb facilities, such as the vast Sports Hall and on-site medical cover in our School Health Centre. 

Most importantly we want children to play and learn in a nurturing family setting, instilling a love of learning that stays with a child forever…Learning for Life.

If you would be interested in finding out more about our Nursery setting, the following pages provide a glimpse of what we do, but there is no substitute for experiencing our settings first hand.  If you would like to arrange a visit to our school, please click here.