Nursery is designed specifically for the  pre-school age group and  is led by a qualified Early Years teacher. Through playful experiences, an engaging environment and skilful interactions with the sensitive staff, the children blossom into self-assured lifelong learners.

The range of opportunities broadens in Nursery as children’s individual academic development is nurtured as part of their wider intellectual growth, alongside their social and emotional development.  The additional ‘Learning for Life Educational Enhancement’ programme provides children with opportunities to flourish beyond traditional nursery settings.  

A typical day in Nursery:

Our day begins at 8am where children receive a warm welcome from the staff. This is also a time for parents and staff to share information about the day ahead. 

The children chose activities from the range of options set up for the day ahead. A choice between the outdoor and indoor area is made by the children, depending on how the children wish to start their adventurous day! 

At 9.15am the children gather for ‘Terrific Together Time’ where they sing a welcome song, followed by a whole group session with a learning focus. This typically involves singing simple mathematical rhymes and counting, exploring feelings and emotions, or sharing valuable stories or news from home. 

The children are then encouraged to pursue their own interests through child initiated play, or depending on the day, join in with various education enhancement sessions such as Forest School, Balanceability, Computing, Music, PE, visiting our school library or Ten Gems. 

During the morning session the children enjoy a healthy snack and drink at our ‘café’. Children are encouraged to pour their own drinks and, as the year progresses, to become more self-sufficient and independent. 

At 11am the children gather for an adult-led session focussed on early literacy skills. This is typically a session from ‘Letters and Sounds Phase One’ and linked to our ‘Read, Write, Inc’ programme used in the Pre-Prep. Towards the Summer term the sessions become more focused on formal phonics but are still delivered with ‘playfulness’ and a sense of fun! 

Lunch is cooked in the Prep School kitchen and is always a treat.  Children eat their lunch in the Prep School Hall with the other children in the Pre-Prep and Nursery staff sit at the tables with them.  This is an important social time, as well as helping the children’s transition into the School.  

After lunch the children play outside until 1pm when the afternoon session begins.

In the afternoons the focus is on pursuing the children’s interests and for the children to have time in groups with their key worker.  Activities are varied but all are carefully designed to be enjoyable as well as developmental.  The children can also help themselves to a drink or snack at the afternoon ‘café’. 
As the busy day begins to draw to a close, the children are provided with dinner between 4pm and 4.30pm and can be collected from the Nursery up until 6pm.