“The School successfully meets its overarching aim of ‘Learning for Life.’” (ISI Report, 2014)

We are determined to give each child the very best possible start to their school lives within a happy and secure environment.  Our Pre-Prep years are Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.  At these precious ages it is vital to develop each child’s self-belief and sustained enjoyment of discovery; our children thrive with the attention and support they receive, alongside a huge range of learning opportunities.  

Our children learn to work and play constructively, learning the values of co-operation and self-discipline alongside the importance of caring for each other. Small classes and a carefully constructed timetable are combined with a superb team of staff and excellent facilities to ensure that all children flourish.  

Lively, enquiring minds are encouraged and stretched through first hand practical experience and outstanding teaching, within an environment where effort, good manners, consideration for others and success are recognised and rewarded.

Communication with Parents

At the beginning of each academic year parents are invited to a Curriculum Meeting for their child's year group. This outlines all the plans and procedures for the year. There are Parents’ Evenings in the Autumn and Spring Terms and formal reports are published to parents at the end of the Autumn and Summer Terms.  In addition there are various open events held during the year which provide parents with the opportunity to see the workings and achievements of the School.

Parents are encouraged to communicate with the class teacher through a Home/School diary and class teachers are always available to meet parents on a more formal basis. Parents and Carers are always welcome to visit the classroom and view work.