Performing Arts

Performing Arts

The Performing Arts are a vital part of every child’s education.  From the joy of performing in front of an audience to the satisfaction and self-discipline of learning an instrument, the Performing Arts provide unique opportunities for personal growth and exploration.

Music rings around the corridors of our school.  It is an experience which connects with our soul, bringing joy and fulfilment. In Years 3 to 6 all children enjoy a weekly lesson taught by our Director of Music.  During these they learn about composition, structure and appreciation, as well as enjoying the opportunity to learn an instrument through whole class lessons as part of our curriculum.

With access to a wide range of specialist music teachers, the children are encouraged to try an instrument and, once they can play a few notes, they are invited to join the Prep School Orchestra, where parts are written to each child’s skill level. Playing in an orchestra brings about new challenges as the children learn to keep going, regardless of mistakes. 

There are many opportunities to play in front of an audience, with Prep and Senior ‘Music4Lunch’ concerts, music teachers’ mini-concerts and our popular termly Prep School concerts. Children who excel in Music are encouraged to join groups in the Senior School to stretch and develop their abilities. There is also the opportunity for children to take Music exams in Rock School, ABRSM and Trinity.

Singing is a strong aspect of school life and children are invited to join the all-inclusive choir, giving further opportunities to listen to each other and learn how to perform together. In Years 5 and 6 children can progress to our Singing Squad.

The Drama highlights are the Years 3 and 4 production in the Spring term and the Year 6 production in the Summer term.  While the production for Years 3 and 4 is staged in the Prep School Hall, the Year 6 production takes place on a far bigger scale.  The Year 6 production is directed by the School’s Director in Residence and is staged in the Great Hall theatre space where the biggest Senior School productions take place, giving our Year 6 children a greater sense of scale and excitement, as well as helping in their transition to Year 7.

There are many other less formal drama performances throughout the year, such as our Poetry Evenings.