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Sport and Wellbeing

Sport & Wellbeing

Our Sport and Wellbeing programme is unique among schools.  As well as nurturing a great enjoyment of sport and activity, children’s physical development is also carefully tracked and supported.  The Prep School has full access to outstanding facilities, including the Princess Royal Sports Complex, the astro-turf, the playing fields, hard courts and the swimming pool.

We consider it important that all our children benefit from sports skills coaching from specialist staff.  Through a range of different physical activities children’s core-stability, hand-eye co-ordination and strength are developed, as well as a strong sense of teamwork.  

Our Wellbeing Programme includes modules on Speed, Agility and Quickness (SAQ), Dance, Judo, Swimming and Fundamental Movement.  These modules all focus on the development of transferable skills and strengths as part of the School’s ‘Building the Athlete’ programme.

Our approach to competitive sport is inclusive. Every child is encouraged to take part and has opportunities to play. We run as many teams in each year group as we can, playing fixtures against other schools across ability ranges from Under 9s. We often run more than twenty sports through curricular and co-curricular opportunities, enabling the children to “have a go” at any sport which they may like to try. The importance of teamwork and purposeful practice are important to us all.

Our competitive team sports are: Girls’ hockey, boys’ rugby, girls’ netball, boys’ hockey and cricket (boys’, girls’ and mixed).

Our competitive individual sports are: Cross-country, athletics and swimming.

Year 6 Touring

The Year 6 rugby and netball teams have the opportunity to go on a weekend tour accompanied by school staff. This weekend is seen as the culmination of the season and the touring party play matches, perhaps watch a senior match and relax in the evenings with a meal out and some suitable activities.

Sports Celebrations

We celebrate all levels of sporting success at Wellington Prep. Our weekly ‘Sport Star of the Week’ is presented at our Celebration Assembly acknowledges and outstanding contributions to school sport – effort, selflessness and teamwork are just as important as individual or team success. 

Match reports are displayed proudly on our school sport noticeboard and on our school website, as well as match results published in our weekly newsletter ‘Janus’. 

Colours are awarded each term to individuals who have contributed to both team and individual sport and are worn proudly on school blazers. We appoint Sport Captains termly who provide invaluable support to the children and to the staff!

As well as our termly house matches, we have three major school sport events attended by all members of the School. In February ‘The Lungley Dash’ allows the children to represent their House and run the arduous school cross country course. Our annual sports day is always a firm favourite. With both track and field events as well as a tug-of-war, there is something for everyone… and that includes the parents! We also have an enjoyable Swimming Gala. All of the children in Years 3 to 6 participate in these events and represent their houses.