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House Structure

House Structure

Every child joins a Wellington School 'House' on joining the School:

  • Fox's - Red
  • Gillard's - Purple
  • Hardwick - Yellow
  • Oak - Orange
  • Richards - Pink
  • Price's - Green

 The Houses have history at the School.


Fox's recognises the important past contribution of the Fox family to the development of the School.


Gillard's is named after Frank Gillard, Old Wellingtonian, who was a radio war journalist and one time head of BBC Radio and Chair of the School Governing Body.


Out of respect for Duncan Hardwick, Chair of Governors from 1945-55.  His financial expertise after training as an accountant was invaluable to the School in the post-war period.


Oak follows the Wellington tradition of naming Houses after trees started by The Willows House.


Richards is in memory of two Old Wellingtonian brothers, WHV Richards an Air Commodore and AH Richards, who was head of the Wellington Division of the County Surveryors Office.


Price's takes it's name from Price Brothers, now known as Relyon.  One of the firm's directors served as Chair of the School's Finance Committee for many years.


This House structure provides opportunities for leadership, competition, creativity and, most importantly, friendship. The vertical structure of the House system means that children of all ages, both Prep and Senior, integrate with each other and share their experiences. All Houses are mixed, so girls and boys work together at all times. Every staff member, teaching and support is a member of a House, apart from Mrs Richardson who supports them all.

Inter-house competitions are wide and varied, from the traditional Sports Day to bridge building and pancake races.