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"The pupils talk in terms of the school being like a large family and there is a natural bond across the year groups." (ISI Report, 2023)

At Wellington Prep School we strive to make every child feel happy, secure, valued and confident. Children are encouraged to think for themselves and develop self-control, independence and a sense of achievement through their learning. The relationships our children establish with adults and each other are central to their learning and happiness.  They are encouraged and expected to act in an increasingly thoughtful and empathic way.  We place great emphasis on each child’s personal and social development. 

These qualities are recognised and encouraged through our Golden Rules, which are at the heart of all that we do.  These are constantly referred to, with the staff always keen to identify examples of good behaviour as positive reinforcement and recognition.

Our Golden Rules
•    We respect our own and other people’s property 
•    We listen carefully, work hard and play well
•    We treat others as we would like to be treated
•    We are honest but not hurtful 
•    We are aware of others and use our manners 
•    We make the most of our gifts – our brains, our bodies and our time.

All children are expected to understand and follow our Golden Rules and other school rules, and there are many incentives to encourage them to do so.

The first, and arguably the most powerful, is the use of praise and recognition of high standards of behaviour, respect and manners. This builds self-esteem and reassures children that “quietly getting it right” gets noticed. Rewards of direct praise, class rewards (e.g. stickers) and informing parents of children’s success are all routinely used.

The second is the award of House Points. House points accumulate towards the termly House Points Cup, awarded to the House with the highest termly total. Particular acts of kindness, good behaviour and conspicuous effort are also recognised by class teachers who award “Star of the Week” a one child in their class each week. This involves the child receiving their certificate in our Celebration Assembly on Fridays and visiting the Head at break time with other recipients for star cookies and juice. As well as the positive recognition in school, the names of each week’s “Stars” are published in ‘The Eagle’.

At the end of each of the Autumn half-terms and the full Spring and Summer terms, the children who have most conscientiously obeyed the Golden Rules are nominated (by teachers in the Infants and their peers in Years 3 to 6). Winners of Golden Leaf Awards are presented with special badges and certificates in Celebration Assembly and their names are hung on the Golden Tree in the Hall.