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The Arts

The Performing Arts are a vital part of every child’s education.  From the joy of performing in front of an audience to the satisfaction and self-discipline of learning an instrument, the Performing Arts provide unique opportunities for personal growth and exploration.


At Wellington School, curriculum music runs across the whole age range of 3-18. Throughout the Prep School, students from Reception through to Year 6 have an hour’s curriculum time with a specialist music teacher each week, sessions include singing, reading and writing music notation and listening to an eclectic mix of musical styles. Nursery have a weekly 30 minute session too. 

Performance is an important aspect of life at Wellington and in music lessons we work towards our annual nativities, Harvest Festival and musical theatre productions which we prepare jointly with the Drama Department. A highlight for Year 6 is their Summer Production just before they leave the Prep School. 

In the Prep School we have 2 choirs (Prep and Chamber Choir), Sinfonia, a Bridging String Group (involving students from the Prep and Lower School), Brass Ensemble, Recorder Group and 3 Rock Bands. With a visiting team of instrumental music teachers, students are also encouraged to learn to play an instrument from Year 2. These 1:1 lessons usually take place during the school day. 

Prep music is based in Avenue - our spacious, Georgian building,  just a stone’s throw from the Prep School. This is where classes are taught and all the individual instrumental lessons too.