COVID 19 Update

Dear Member,

Wellington School – PRSC Gym


We are writing up update you on the PRSC gym which has been closed since the start of COVID 19 pandemic to gym members.


As you will appreciate this is has been a very difficult time for the everyone and we have kept you updated as the Government Guidance has been updated and we have tried to keep a balanced approach between School Guidance and wider Government Guidance relating to Covid 19 and the use of Gyms.


This time has also allowed us to review the ongoing use of the Gym and Classes within the PRSC and to consider the options.


We have now taken the decision not to re-open the Gym facility or run external Classes within the PRSC to Gym members, this we know will be disappointing news for many however at this stage we feel it is the right decision for the School. 


The key issues for us are that there are a number of new bespoke Gyms which have opened locally which have impacted on our membership numbers, the Gym is a key facility within the campus to the School community but it is not set up to compete with the newer bespoke public gyms now available locally.  We also have growing pupil numbers and this good news for the School and is putting increase demand on key facilities such as the Gym.

We would like to thank you for your many years of support for the Gym and we confirm the PRSC and the other wide range of facilities within the school are still available to hire in the normal way.


If you have paid your monthly or annual membership fees and would like to discuss a refund please contact me in the first instance.


We advise that you cancel your standing orders, if you haven’t already. We are unable to cancel this for you.


Thank you once again for your support and understanding and we look forward to welcoming you to the campus in the near future.


Best wishes’




Gary Beasley

Operations Manager – Princess Royal Sports Complex