Careers Advice and Guidance Strategy

The aim of the careers department is to provide information, advice and guidance to pupils to help them surface their career interests and identify the

choices (academic and experience) that they will need to make to realise their career aspirations.

To achieve this the careers team and tutors will:

  1. Assist students in surfacing their career interests
  2. Assist students in mapping out the path to any particular career
  3. Help students identify the choices they need to make to position them for their chosen career

The main focus of the careers department is in helping students to find out what careers are right for them and what subject choices they need to make. As most of our Sixth Form students aspire to and succeed in moving on to full time university education, there is also a dedicated team of tutors to support students through this process. In the Lower Sixth, through our Future Steps programme (see curriculum/A level booklet), students collectively receive preliminary advice regarding the process which is consolidated by an intense UCAS course in the Summer term. In the Upper Sixth, each student is assigned a personal UCAS tutor who personally oversees their application. The Future Steps programme also provides an introduction to employability skills and to non-university routes into careers.  

You can read our careers policy here.