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The GCSE Curriculum at Wellington is carefully designed to maximise opportunities for Sixth Form study whilst allowing a degree of specialisation.

An essential core of subjects ensures a broad education for all students and maintains a wide range of options at A Level. Optional courses, chosen from a selection of traditional subjects, allow students to tailor the curriculum to their own interests.

The GCSE courses are divided into two groups: core subjects and optional subjects.


Core Subjects

All students follow GCSE courses in the core subjects of Mathematics, English Language and English Literature. In addition, students take a GCSE course in Religious Studies, together with unexamined courses in Sport and Wellbeing, and in PSHEE. The content of the Sport and Wellbeing, and PSHEE are available on request.

Optional Subjects

Students must then choose six optional subjects, complying with certain requirements, as set out in the table below. The requirements ensure that all students study at least one Modern Foreign Language and some Science. The Separate Sciences option leads to separate GCSE qualifications in each of Physics, Chemistry and Biology, whilst Combined Science (double award) enables students to study all three science subjects up to GCSE whilst freeing up an option space for another subject. Students cannot usually study both Latin and Classical Civilisation as this leads to an undesirable over-specialisation.

GCSE Subjects offered:

Art and Design
Classical Civilisation
Computer Science
Design and Technology
English Language and English Literature

Modern Languages: French, German and Spanish
Religious Studies
Science (separate)
Science (dual award)