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Upper School

Upper School

The School aims to stimulate pupils’ curiosity and to instil in them a life-long interest in learning. Traditional subjects are taught by experienced and inspiring subject-specialist teachers.

We offer a wide range of subjects at Year 9 and follow the more rigorous IGCSE syllabus in English, Mathematics, Sciences and Languages.  We focus on stronger academic subjects and incorporate Latin or Classics, Music, Art, Drama, Design & Technology and PE into the timetable as well as PSHEE. During Year 9, decisions are made about GCSE choices. Extensive guidance and counselling is offered to all pupils and parents to ensure the best choices are made for each individual pupil.  Staff in all departments are involved with this as each case will be different. Options include Latin and Greek as well as facilitating academic subjects, Music, Art, Drama and Design & Technology.

Throughout Year 9, all pupils are taught in a class of around 20 pupils, in which they study all their subjects, with the exception of Mathematics and Languages, for which they are set. 

In Year 10, pupils move to their GCSE classes and each subject is taught individually.