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“Imagination is the working stuff of creativity and this is the bridge to innovation”


The Art and Design curriculum aims to develop creativity, confidence and independence and to remove the fear of failure.

We firmly believe everybody is creative, that we can nurture talent and support all students to find their creative voice through a progressive curriculum. We develop the students' visual awareness by fostering an environment of purposeful play where students can develop their self-expression.

It is our fundamental belief that we offer the students a truly creative education - to teach creativity we need to teach creatively.


The Art curriculum is based around a series of thematic frameworks that allows space for students to explore and investigate art-making through a broad range of media, scale and dimensions.

We do not have a house style nor a prescriptive way of making. Students are encouraged to think and make creative statements. The students are encouraged to take on the role of artists and designers, making use of guided and self-originated strong contextual references to develop their own ideas. We celebrate the big what if, try things out, experiment and see where it leads.


  • to be creative.
  • and the space to respond to themes personally.
  • to be inventive and resourceful.
  • to be curious and experiment, students are engaged with open possibilities.
  • to foster and sustain their exploratory play.


  • Years 5 and 6 guided learning: three modules a year with the final module being a thematic exploration.
  • Years 7 and 8: three modules, one guided set theme then two modules students explore thematically.
  • Year 9 taught thematically and open ended as GCSE.
  • Years 10, 11, 12 and 13 are taught thematically leading to the development of the student's own coursework interests and specialisms. Year 13, in addition, time is given to portfolio preparation for those students moving directly onto Art based degree course of study.


Just learn to let go, play is not anarchy, play has rules, we plan to play, we trust to play, trust to be creative, the behaviours we knew as children should be nurtured and not buried or forgotten. This is the essence of Art at Wellington School, which allows all of our Art students to achieve to a high standard.