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Business Studies

Business Studies

How can firms exploit new market opportunities?

What role do managers have in motivating their staff?

How can firms maintain their profit levels in the face of difficult trading conditions?

How important are ethics in business and how do they play a part in the decision-making of firms?

These are some typical questions for Business Studies students on what is essentially a course about decision-making and risk. Business Studies alerts its students to the way in which organisations of varying sizes and reasons for existing, address their fundamental concerns. There is no single formula for success as the criteria for it are movable and not set by any one source. Students are encouraged to use their knowledge to analyse the impact of business decisions in context and to consider how they may affect different stakeholder groups. Good judgements come from a deep understanding of the environment in which business takes place and a logical, well-reasoned methodology. Students are encouraged to distinguish between short-term and long-term objectives and to appreciate the distinction between a strategy and the methods of pursuing it. Business Studies is taught at AS or A Level only, in well-equipped classrooms using a range of learning activities and resources. The department organises trips, speakers and competitions to enhance the overall experience and is responsible for supporting Enterprise Wellington, our own events organisation business that is available to all Lower Sixth students.