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Design and Technology

Design and Technology

Wellington School pupils enjoy participating in Design and Technology and we are rightly proud of the curriculum that is on offer.

With the changes to the curriculum we have introduced an even more exciting syllabus that all students follow from Year 6 to Year 9. This prepares them to make an informed choice for continuing to GCSE where the subject is very popular with both girls and boys.

Technology is a massive part of young people’s lives and is rapidly changing. It is important that they have an understanding and can make informed decisions about good aspects of Design. We share and educate about sustainable issues and students gain valuable knowledge about the impact their purchasing decisions make on a global scale.

Co-curricular activities allow students to explore areas outside of the curriculum and various clubs like STEM and robotics form a key part of what is on offer to broaden their horizons.

We aim to keep abreast with changing technologies in the classroom and we are continually investing in state of the art technologies to equip students with the necessary tools to create cutting-edge project work. Whether that is a 3D printer, a laser cutter or a simple screwdriver, students are taught about the importance of the right choice for the project work they are doing.

After GCSE we offer A Level Product Design, an exciting course and one that offers time for students to explore what makes good design. Many of our students chose to continue in either the design field or engineering having studied the course. We have ex-students who design for Jaguar, who design the interiors of super yachts, who are structural engineers, who are aeronautical engineers; the list is endless, but they all leave Wellington with a genuine desire to design products that make a real difference to people’s lives.