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Modern Languages

Modern Languages at Wellington

Modern languages is a thriving and enjoyable subject at Wellington.

Languages studied – French, German, Spanish

French is studied from Year 7 to Year 9, and is complemented by the introduction of a second language, either Spanish or German in Year 8.  French and the second language are studied in tandem for two years, thereafter offering scope to continue with both, or either one of the two, to GCSE. The uptake for continuing the two languages is extremely high. All courses are geared towards purposeful language so that pupils feel able to tackle real life situations. The medium in the classroom is the foreign language and the four key skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing are regularly practised in a lively and entertaining way. The pace of each lesson and range of activities are very varied, employing many resources, including audio-visual and ICT. We have a fully equipped language laboratory where each student spends up to one lesson a fortnight on independent language study, perfecting their linguistic skills using the latest language software.

We also have a native language assistant for each language who primarily works on a one-to-one basis with A Level students but also provides additional class support, working with other years in small groups.

We are privileged and fortunate to offer students the opportunity to develop a linguistic and cultural appreciation of not one but two important European languages which sets them up for lifelong learning and provides many inherent benefits for further study and future careers.


We endeavour to organise trips for every language where possible. Here are some examples of recent and future planned trips.

  • Sixth Form annual A Level languages lecture series at Bristol University
  • Foreign language theatre workshops and cinema visits


  • Year 11 annual school exchange (homestay and exchange) to Madrid with IES Ortega y Gasset School
  • Sixth Form trip to Salamanca for a week of language instruction and cultural experiences.


  • Year 8/9 Residential language and activities course
  • Sixth Form cultural trip to Paris with language lessons


  • Year 9 Future exchange with a school in Munich
  • Sixth Form cultural visit to Berlin (often with the History or DT department).