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Physics describes the behaviour of matter and energy on all scales from the smallest sub-atomic particles to the largest clusters of stars and galaxies.

Physics underlies many modern technologies from satellites and communications to new materials as well as informing debate on matters including energy policy and the safety of different forms of radiation. A study of Physics develops a curiosity about the world, an ability to solve problems and an awareness of the power of theory and experiment to explain and link a range of apparently diverse phenomena.

At Wellington, Physics is taught in well-equipped laboratories using a range of teaching activities including discussion, practical work, computer simulation, research and written tasks. The Physics department consists of a team of specialist teachers supported by a full time technician. Pupils follow a wide-ranging course far exceeding the demands of national curriculum with extra topics that emphasise the applications of Physics and hone investigative skills in novel contexts. The Physics department deliver the KS3, Edexcel IGCSE 9-1 along with AQA A Level Physics.

Many students choose to continue their study of Physics at A Level before embarking on a variety of university courses and careers which include Physical Science or Engineering.

Students at Wellington are actively involved in a range of enrichment activities with offerings within STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), Physics Olympiad, Physics lecture series, Isaac Physics, IET and the outstanding opportunity to visit The Diamond Light Synchrotron at Hartwell in the Sixth Form.  
The department along with A level students are active members of the Institute of Physics.