Able Student & Scholars Programme

Able Students & Scholars Programme

As a selective school, Wellington has a large number of students who are capable of performing above average academically, and it also has a significant number of students who are exceptionally academically able.

The school is committed to helping all students reach their academic potential, whatever their ability, but it is recognised that academically able students have distinct needs that need addressing within the classroom, in co-curricular activities, in pastoral work and on a whole-school planning basis.

Provision for Academically Able Students

  • Within the classroom

Wellington follows a very academic curriculum and sets high standards for all pupils. All academic teaching staff set tasks that are appropriately challenging for each member of a class, differentiating to stretch the most able. In some subjects students are set by ability and the curriculum is accelerated allowing the most able to progress faster than the main cohort. 

  • Within the co-curriculum

Students benefit from a wide range of academic co-curricular clubs and extension activities, which run at lunchtimes, after school, and on Saturday mornings. These are often driven by pupil interests and demand, and many academically able students find these an excellent way of extending their learning or even teaching others about their specialist subjects.

  • Trips, debates, lectures and competitions

Each year academic departments organise a vast number of trips, lectures, workshops and career advice sessions. Many departments enter students for national academic competitions such as Olympiads, the Philosothon and debating competitions. Academically able students often enjoy the challenge of going beyond the curriculum and competing against students from other schools.  

  • Independent learning and research

Many academically able students have a particular subject or topic that they are passionate about. Students are actively encouraged to harness this enthusiasm, pursue independent research and learn from each other. This might be in the form of talks given to their peers (e.g. at the Raban Society), or through a more formal framework such as an EPQ or the Pre-U Global Perspectives course in the Sixth Form. 

Mentoring and Guidance

At Wellington our academically able students are strongly encouraged to tap into the subject expertise of their teachers and explore options for life after school. Many of our able students successfully apply to highly competitive universities and courses, such as Oxford, Cambridge, Medicine, Dentistry, Law and Veterinary Medicine. 

Dr Anna Jolliffe (MA Cantab., D.Phil. Oxon.) supports students through the complexities of the application process, including course choice, UCAS applications, admissions tests and interviews. 

Academic Scholars’ Programme

Academic Scholars benefit from a range of academic enrichment activities including lectures, trips and subject specific workshops. Highlights from last year’s Scholars’ Programme included a D and A workshop for Lower School Scholars and a trip to the Houses of Parliament for Upper School Scholars. In addition to this, Scholars are encouraged to take part in the many academic co-curricular activities that are on offer at lunchtimes, after school and on Saturday mornings.