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The country and indeed Europe has a shortage of people well qualified in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects. Universities and companies are not able to recruit enough people to these hugely important areas.

Education for a strong STEM economy is built on strong subject teaching. Wellington School offers some of the best teaching in the area for the STEM subjects. Our students are taught by highly skilled and passionate teachers in all departments.

One challenge for STEM teaching is to help young people recognise how the Science, Design & Technology, Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics that they study at school or college can lead to rich and varied career pathways. At Wellington School we inspire our pupils through our varied co-curricular STEM program.

Our pupils also benefit from strong relationships with organisations such as Supacat, Exeter University, Fleet Air Arm Museum, University of West England Chemistry Department and EDF. Some of these organisations host competitions and Wellington School pupils have achieved very well at these.

At Wellington School we offer opportunities for all of our students to see the links that STEM subjects have in all aspects of society and employment.

Below is a list of the STEM activities that we are currently involved with and organising.

Event Year Group Venue
Supacat (High Mobility Vehicles) visit 9 Supacat Test Facility Blackdowns
EDF Nuclear STEM Day 8 Wellington School
Senior Maths Challenge 11, 12, 13 Wellington School
Fleet Air Arm Museum Engineering Challenge 12 & 13 RNAS Yeovilton
Fleet Air Arm Museum Engineering Challenge 10 & 11 RNAS Yeovilton
Mini Big Bang Fair 7, 8 Wellington School
Passmore Memorial Lecture: (Simon Singh) 11, 12, 13 Wellington School
Computer Coding Challenge 5 & 6 Wellington School
Team Maths Challenge 8 & 9 Millfield School
Men In White 9 Exeter University
Space Day All Yr 9 Wellington School
Big Bang Fair 7, 8, 9 NEC Birmingham
Engineering Challenge Day for local schools 5 Wellington School