Corner Capital Fund

Corner Capital Fund

Much of the Wellington School campus has been built with donations from individuals over the years. Our fifth Headmaster George Corner was especially generous in his love for the school and poured a large amount of his own money into the construction and purchasing of new buildings and without him the School would look very different today. 

The Fund is the vehicle to fundraise for improvements to School facilities.  The Duke's Library and Study Space and Café '37 are our most recent projects. 

Duke’s Library and Study Space 

Thanks to the Corner Capital Fund the Duke’s Building, which was built over 30 years ago, has been completely refurbished to provide a modern study space and library over two floors which sustains the core skill of reading, promotes independent learning for our Sixth Form and provides a quiet space for our pupils to study throughout the week. 

Café '37

Our beautiful Café '37 situated in the heart of the campus provides a wonderful space for staff and students to relax and enjoy delicious coffee and snacks.  This facility was extended and fully refurbished courtesy of the Corner Capital Fund and plays a key role on Saturday's for our families attending fixtures.

Donating From the United States of America

If you are a US resident or pay taxes in the US and would like to donate we have an agreement with the British Schools and Universities Foundation in the US which allows US residents to make a donation tax efficiently. The British Schools and Universities Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit educational, scientific and literary foundation and is tax-exempt. 

The link takes you to the BSUF website, please request that “Wellington School” is your beneficiary and they will forward the donation to us.