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Headmaster's Welcome

Headmaster's Welcome

Wellington is a wonderful school and it is a privilege to lead such a happy, dynamic and diverse community. 

We delight in celebrating our pupils’ many remarkable achievements, but it is the quality of the relationships we enjoy both within the school, and beyond our gates, which we value most highly. We believe that children who are secure in themselves will be able to confidently express who they really are and honesty, integrity, kindness, tolerance and inclusivity are some of the values we hold dear.

Learning, in its many forms, is at the heart of all we do and our inspirational teachers support each pupil in achieving their best possible academic outcomes. Results, however, are only one element of the learning journey and we want our pupils to be independent, intellectually curious, creative problem-solvers who can communicate effectively and work with others to address challenging problems. 

Being located in an area of such natural beauty allows our pupils to safely explore the world around them and grow in confidence and character as they do so. Exploration and discovery are central to our learning philosophy. We have high expectations of our pupils, but we don’t want them to be afraid of failure – we understand that intellectual and personal growth are often the result of making mistakes and having the resilience to overcome challenges.  

We are proud of our rich history but we are as proud of being a progressive, forward-looking school which provides an outstanding all-round education. We want our pupils to be ambitious and confident, but without a hint of arrogance or sense of entitlement. We believe that each pupil should feel known, valued and understood. We work tirelessly to ensure that our pupils leave Wellington equipped to thrive. 

A strong sense of community defines the Wellington way and I want every member of our community to look forward to arriving at school each morning. I would be delighted if you came to visit us - you will receive a warm Wellington welcome. 

Eugene du Toit