“The quality of the curriculum is excellent and pupils have a wide choice of subjects at GCSE and particularly appreciate the range of 21 A Level options” - ISI Inspection Report 2014

“The curriculum is supported by and excellent range of extra-curricular activities”. ISI Inspection Report 2014

“The pupils enjoy and are accomplished in sporting activities and members of the School have competed at county, regional, national and international level” ISI Inspection Report 2014

“The quality of the pupil’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is excellent”    ISI Inspection Report 2014

But don't take our latest Inspection Report's word for it.... this is what our parents say about our School.

We absolutely LOVE the school – we instantly felt the warmth and friendliness.

A happy school with polite, grounded pupils who are confident and independent.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the energy and enthusiasm of all the team, making busy and happy children.

Our son has had excellent support from the team in the boarding house in helping him develop socially and academically – thank you!

I personally think that I owe a lot of my life education and opportunity in life to Wellington (especially Sixth Form).

Wellington manages to avoid the whiff of elitism - the pupils are from a wider range of social backgrounds than might be expected for a fee paying school – which is a plus!

What a school, what a town, what a fantastic part of England!

We were impressed with the long history, beautiful campus and the way students are educated.

She is very happy and settled at school with some lovely and supportive friends.

A Wellington education is a privilege - pupils know they are lucky to have had it and are grounded.

Happy children, happy staff and a friendly “flowing” vibe.

An all-round, down-to-earth, unpretentious offering is greatly valued.