Houses and Tutors

Houses and Tutors

Overside: Junior Boarding House

The House has a warm, welcoming, friendly atmosphere, priding itself on a being a ‘home away from home’. The students share a comfortable lounge with oversized bean bags, DVD player, table football, table tennis, pool table, wireless internet and an Xbox.

Day to day life in Overside is structured and organised, with supervised prep sessions, student duties, evening activities and free time.  Weekends involve outings ranging from cinema and bowling trips to outdoor adventures, from paintballing to zoo visits, from exploring the countryside to City excursions. Carnival night and bonfire night are also popular evening events, as well as pizza nights and barbecues.

A large number of House staff, form an excellent pastoral team who nurture and care for each and every student, focusing on their individual needs and development. Growth in all areas of life is encouraged by providing a supportive and trusting environment, with the aim being for students to be the best they can possibly be.

The students are encouraged to socialise and mix which leads to the creation of the desired family environment.

Overside is run by Housemaster, Mathematics teacher, Tom Fasham, who lives in the house with his wife Nicola and two young children Mungo and Sebastian.

Beech: Girls’ House

Beech House provides a warm friendly and welcoming environment where young women can achieve their very best.  We like to challenge ourselves by trying as many of the activities offered by the school, especially at the weekends.  We work hard at our academic studies, but enjoy our social time with each other and our friends across the school community.  

The Beech girls are very loyal to the House which they regard as their “family of sisters.” When they leave school, the friendships they have made during their time boarding, stay with them forever. 

The girls are encouraged to take part in sport, drama, music and other activities so that they use their free time productively and make a wide circle of friends from both the day and boarding communities. All the girls take part in house competitions including basketball, tennis, art, debating and music. Sixth form prefects are expected to lead the House and help in the day to day running of the House. The girls have a number of social activities throughout the year including tea parties, discos, House dinners and House outings and theatre trips. Beech is a lively community and the girls meet together every day in a House meeting to listen to news and share ideas. The House staff are always open to suggestions from the girls for House outings. 

The girls share study bedrooms with one, two or three other girls the same age. All study bedrooms are equipped with washbasins. They have access to wireless internet in the boarding house and younger girls have supervised prep five nights a week. There are two common rooms for the girls to use, each with its own well equipped kitchen. There are two pianos in the House for the girls to use. Beech is very close to the school’s sports centre and the girls are encouraged to play badminton, basketball or use the gym after their evening prep session. The girls have the use of their own garden in summer, which is a great spot for barbecues.

Beech is run by Laura Tabb, who is also Head of Boarding. She lives in the house with her husband Jonathan, who is Head of Humanities at a local girls’ school and their two children Harry and Olivia, who are pupils in the School.

Lights: Senior Boys’ House

Lights is the oldest of the Boarding Houses dating from the inception of the School.  The name refers to the Light blue sports colours they wear for inter house events.  Lights is placed in the heart of the campus and has recently undergone extensive renovations.  These have been designed to fit around giving boys the space they need to study to their full potential whilst retaining a sense of the boarding house being their home.  We are an enormously happy and tight knit community who value extra-curricular activity as a vital aspect of the boys becoming rounded individuals. 

The pupils usually share rooms and each has his own study area within the house. Academic performance is top of the agenda and this is achieved with a strict adherence to homework times and an encouraging and knowledgeable staff who are always on hand to help.

There is excellent communication between the boys and the Housemaster, the assistant Housemaster and Tutors and the full-time Matron. The House has an active council where representatives from each year meet with the Housemaster to discuss issues raised by themselves and to talk through wider school matters.  As such, the boarders feel a real sense of belonging to the community and know that in term time at least, this is their home and their opinions matter.

Lights has a strong tradition in the performing arts which continues to this day and all the pupils are encouraged to pursue an activity that they are good at whether that be cycling, fencing, singing in the Chapel Choir, CCF, drama, the list and range of opportunities open to them is huge.  They make good use of the school facilities in the evening after homework; indeed the school basketball team is made up nearly entirely of Lights boys!

Boarding  is about the whole person and the balance here between work and extra-curricular is just right. The house master enjoys being able to write references about the boys, whether that be for UCAS or other institutions as they can always say that the time spent here creates a rounded individual.

Willows: Senior Boys’ House

Willows is a busy, vibrant and dynamic community of over 40 boys. Team spirit, confidence in strong friendships, and a desire to be successful in everything that goes on are qualities at the heart of the House. The community itself is multi-cultural, but its roots are firmly in a traditional British boarding education with a combination of high academic expectations and broad experiences out of the classroom underpinning all that is done.

Sport is very popular here. In recent years the school 1st XV rugby and 1st XI football have had many Willows boys leading the way, and a fabulous tradition in athletics has brought great success at sports day and in county and national athletics meets. Boys also swim, form a large part of the basketball squads and frequently follow the comprehensive elite physical development programmes put together by our Sports and Wellbeing Department. 

Most Willows boys complete two to three years in the CCF, or take on the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme at Silver or Gold level. Rucksacks, hiking boots, studs, mud and all manner of outdoor clothing are commonplace in this boarding house, and the in-house high definition cinema shows sport, music and films in equal measure. 

Boys are lively here, and those who prefer to sit tight in their rooms are encouraged to find something they are good at, or can contribute to, and enjoy the challenge. But life is not always fast paced and relaxation time can be found in one of the four large social spaces with Sky TV and Xbox, and in dormitories that are spacious and modern. Willows is hard working, but there is an underlying sense of enjoyment and satisfaction that bonds the boys together, and builds friendships that last well beyond the final year of school.

Willows is run by Nigel Renyard, who is an Old Wellingtonian and Head of Sport in the Prep School and who also runs the Forest School. He lives in the House with his wife Sue and their three children, Freddie, who is at University and Beatrice and Grace who attend Wellington School. Nigel is also a rugby coach and was in Willows House during his time at Wellington, so is delighted to be “home”.

The Grange: Junior Girls' House

We have recently opened a brand new junior girls' boarding house. The Grange houses Year 7, 8 and 9 girls in luxurious en-suite accommodation. Up to 16 girls aged 11-14 live in this beautiful Edwardian building with our lively young house-parents. They participate in the full boarding life of the school as well as enjoying extensive fun activities in the evenings and weekends. Supervised prep sessions are built into the day and the girls spend a lot of time with the older girls in Beech House to engender a nurturing "family" environment.