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Life in the Boarding Houses

Life in the Boarding Houses

Boarders are an integral part of life at Wellington School, coming from all across the UK and overseas.

The beautiful grounds, comfortable buildings and friendly staff create a home from home. Each boarding house is run by resident 

House Parents, ably assisted by a resident tutor and a matron to ensure there is always someone to turn to.

A wide and diverse range of weekend activities is arranged for the boarding pupils by members of staff.

The boarding community enhances the culture of the School and friendships are forged for life.

We offer weekly and full boarding, with some flexi boarding to suit family needs. The House staff reinforce traditional family values of trust, informality and mutual respect.

The boarding community is central to the rich and diverse environment that is Wellington School. 160 boys and girls, accommodated in 5 boarding houses, are provided with the perfect environment in which to explore their academic potential, develop their social relationships, unearth personal skills and qualities that enhance success in a wide range of cultural, sporting and creative activities. A dedicated team of boarding staff provides guidance and support to individuals, and a busy boarding life ensures constant challenge, opportunity and excitement, while still allowing quiet time to rest and reflect. Strong bonds of friendship and spirit unite the community. Good humour, empathy, tolerance, leadership skills and personal resilience are characteristics developed through the boarding experience. Our boarders benefit enormously from having the opportunity to be part of a community, sharing experiences and developing friendships within a structured and supportive environment.

Boarding pupil case study 'New Experiences of Studying Abroad'
by Cathy Pu

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