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Boarding case study

New experiences of studying abroad - Cathy Pu

Studying abroad itself is a life-changing experience already. I still remember the first time I came to Britain, all the difficulties were wrapping my head around, no matter learning a completely new language or adapting the fresh environment, they all made me be at a loss at once. However, I came to Wellington and was embraced by all the kindness here. Under all the help, I started discovering a new culture, exploring more academic learning, and making friends from all over the world which I never did in the past.

As it was my first time to be a boarding student, Wellington taught me how to be independent, self-disciplined through the variety of our boarding life. Also, It has allowed me to grow socially and interact with many different people as well. Boarding has given me the opportunity to build the strength of character and has enabled me to grow in areas such as resilience, by living with a wide range of girls coming from completely diverse backgrounds. Dealing with different characters in a boarding community has built the strength of character that I may not have previously had. 

If I think about new experiences, the word ‘CCF’ has jumped into my mind. Being a cadet gives us opportunities to take part in a huge range of exciting and adventurous, military-themed activities. Apprenticeships made us more humble and studious. As the age limit in my own country, that has been the thing that I really want to achieve for ages. Although I joined in the team slightly later than others, the passion and encouragement from all the staff have become my best motivation.

Singing has been one of my favourite habits for 10 years. However, singing in the chapel is a new transcendent experience rather than on the stage. The chapel choir brings me not only happiness and confidence. It makes me realise the fascination with music. Choral music has lifted up the spiritual part of our life. You never know how wonderful it is to immerse in the melody of choral music in chapel choir unless you experience it by yourself!

There are countless new and phenomenal experiences in Wellington school. This is an amazing place to build a student with independence, care, confidence and academic achievements.

Cathy Pu