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The Next Step

The Next Step

For many, the prospect of leaving the small, safe environment of a Primary or Prep School may seem a little daunting and we want to ensure you have as much information, support and help as possible in making the next step a happy and successful one for your child.

Choosing a school is never easy and very often it is a question of feeling comfortable with the people you meet, getting a “feel” for the place and seeing the way pupils behave. We have a detailed induction programme to ensure a smooth and stress-free transition into the School, including;

Taster Days Small groups of children come in together and spend a day in the School, which is a lovely opportunity to make friends, experience some lessons and have fun with pupils who may be starting in Year 7 with them.
Welcome Evening New pupils and parents come for dinner, meet the staff and all the new pupils who will be starting together.
Pre-season Training Hockey or rugby in the summer term and at the end of the summer holidays.
Induction Day A day in School before the rest of the pupils return.
Overnight Camping Trip All Year 7 pupils and house staff – a bonding exercise in the first week of term.
Meet the Tutors A welcome to all new parents and a chance to see how the pastoral system works, in the second week of term.
Open Evening “Bring your Parents to School!” a chance to visit classrooms and meet teachers.


After this, there will be the regular round of Parents' Evenings, half termly grades and reports and ongoing contact with your child’s tutor and House Staff as well as a merits and demerits system to keep you appraised of performance and behaviour.