Our Vision

Our Vision 

To ensure that our pupils leave school equipped with everything they need to thrive

To provide a life-changing, pupil-centred, values-led education for engaged and ambitious young people who  wish to contribute to the School and the wider community.

To honour our purpose and achieve our vision, we will

·         build outstanding relationships across our community

·         engender a mindset which sees pupils and staff pursuing excellence

·         cultivate a love of learning, in all its forms and settings

·         care for and support the wellbeing of pupils and staff

·         ensure that every pupil feels known, valued and understood

·         recruit and invest in outstanding staff

·         provide a 21st Century-relevant curricular and co-curricular offering

·         ensure that our physical environment is safe, uplifting and sustainable

·         strive to maintain an environment in which individuals receive the respect, acceptance and positive regard which is needed for maximum personal growth

Core Values:

Community                         Equality                                  Inclusivity                         Kindness                    Empathy

Key Values:

Compassion                       Honesty                                 Optimism                        Sustainability            

Courage                             Interdependence                  Participation                    Trust 

Courtesy                             Integrity                                 Resilience

This illustration – what we call our ‘North Star’ – represents a conceptual framework of our purpose, vision, mission and values. 

The inner white cross represents our day to day priorities as they relate to our pupils. Our values are at the heart of our ethos, and inform every aspect of daily life at Wellington School. In order to ensure that our pupils leave  Wellington School equipped with everything they need to thrive, we need to ensure that they acquire knowledge, earn suitable credentials, learn crucial skills and develop appropriate competencies. 

These key objectives are set against a wider backdrop. Pupils’ knowledge and credentials must be relevant to their future, we must enhance their agency (the power and resources they need to fulfil their potential), we have to encourage them to take responsibility for their learning and it is vital that we support the development of our pupils’ good character.  

Our endeavour needs to operate as part of a set of wider priorities. These include our commitment to doing what we can to operate more sustainably, to enhancing the wellbeing of everyone in the Wellington School family, to committing ourselves to social justice (our belief that everyone deserves equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities) and to fostering a strong sense of community, both within the School and well beyond our gates. 

This framework sees us able to move forward with clarity, purpose and confidence. Our curricular and co-curricular provision, pastoral care, campus operations and involvement with the world around us must be 21st Century relevant. While respecting the efforts of those who have gone before us, we must continually challenge ourselves to ensure that young adults leave Wellington School equipped with everything they need to thrive in an increasingly complex and demanding world.