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Sixth Form

Sixth Form (Years 12 & 13)

When students enter the Sixth Form at Wellington, they are invariably excited and a little apprehensive about the challenges that lie ahead. Our aim is to nurture that excitement, whilst allaying any fears, so that very quickly students become equipped to reach their full potential.

With a dedicated Head of Section, a Sixth Form Centre,  and a state-of-the-art Study Centre, the Sixth Form has specific roles to fulfil within the School and is an exciting place to be.

It is an essential preparation and transition between school and university or the world of work. Pupils depart having learned to be self-motivated and to respect others and with a clear desire to fulfil their individual potential.

Our Sixth Formers demonstrate consistently excellent performance in public examinations. Eventual destinations include the best universities in the UK, Europe and the USA.

  • Synergistic working relationships between staff and students
  • Vibrant teaching and learning in groups no larger than 15
  • Dedicated Sixth Form Study Centre as well as designated Sixth Form Centre (relaxation spaces)
  • A truly diverse social mix of local and international students, who embrace a global perspective on their own and each other's lives
  • A ‘can do’ spirit in which individuals are encouraged and rewarded for their efforts whilst bound by a strong sense of community and commitment
  • Confident and empathetic students who enjoy what they do and are ambitious for their future
“It's different here at Wellington School because you're always learning.... even if you don't notice it at the time.”
”The work is a step up, but so is the enjoyment!”
“I can’t imagine a vibe like Wellington’s anywhere else in the world!”


Sixth Formers remain attached to their Houses as they enter the Sixth Form and new students are assigned to a House as appropriate.

Sixth Form Tutors

Every Sixth Former belongs to a tutor group of up to nine or ten students, allocated to a senior House. Tutors act as the first port of call for pastoral and academic issues and they work closely with the Head of Sixth Form and the Deputy Head (Academic).

Students meet with their tutors on most days and have formal, longer sessions at least once a week.