The Houses

The Houses

At Wellington School, we have six School Houses, which are fully co-educational and run throughout the School from Year 7 to the Sixth Form.

All House members get involved in fund-raising and other engaging group activities.

Older students mentor the younger ones and welcome them into the School and their House. The House Captains are crucial in setting the house identity and organising events. One day a week is a dedicated “House Day”, where the houses have activities, meetings and lunch together to build house loyalty, camaraderie and identity.

Boarders have the houses that they physically live in, but are all allocated School Houses along with all the day students, so they are fully integrated into the life of the School.

The Norman Cup and The Pearce Cup

Various competitions take place throughout the school year which involve either the whole House or a select group.  Not all House activities are ’sport’ based and all students get involved throughout the year.

The many inter – house competitions (sports, quizzes, chess, debating….) contribute towards the hotly contested Norman Cup (for Years 9-13) or the Pearce Cup (for Years 7-8) which are awarded at the end of the year.


All students are in a tutor group, which is co-educational and year group based. Tutors play a crucial role in overseeing pastoral care and academic progress and are the first port of call for any problems or issues.  All students have regular sessions with tutors and their Houses each week.

There is also a Head of each Year who closely monitors day-to-day progress and is an essential point of contact.


Named after a local manufacturing family, who have long been associated with and supported the School.  Fox's wear the colour red.

Head of House: Ben Elkins - Ben teaches Religious Studies.

House Captain: Harry Besley


Named after Old Wellingtonian, Frank Gillard, famous BBC radio war correspondent, later Head of BBC Radio and Chair of School Governors.  Gillards wear the colour purple.

Head of House: Toby Sampson - Toby is Head of Hockey and also works in Boarding.

House Captain: Will Bere


Named after Old Wellingtonian, Duncan Hardwick, who had a distinguished war record and was Chairman of the Governors.  Hardwick wear the colour yellow.

Head of House: Georgia Michael - Georgia teaches Drama.

House Captain: Oli Cavacuiti


Named to continue the tree theme which started with The Willows (Senior Boys Boarding House). Oak wear the colour orange.



Head of House: Sarah Middleton - Sarah teaches German and Spanish.

House Captain: Sylvie Delahoyde


Named after the Price Brothers Company (which became Relyon). One of the firm’s directors, George Murray Price served for many years as Chairman of the School Finance Committee.  Price's wear the colour green.

Head of House: Kelley Bishop - Kelley teaches English and is our Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Awards co-ordinator.

House Captain: Cameron Howe


Named after two Old Wellingtonian brothers, WHV Richards and AH Richards. WHV was an Air Commodore and AH was in charge of Wellington Division of the County Surveyors Department. Richards wear the colour pink.

Head of House: Trudy Robertson - Trudy teaches Mathematics and originally trained as an artist.

House Captain: Olivia Tillotson