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Upper School

Upper School (Years 9,10 & 11)

Year 9 is a logical entry point into Wellington School and we have many pupils joining us at that time. These typically come from Prep Schools or some of the local Middle Schools, which go up to the end of Year 8. They are joined by our own Year 8 pupils to make the exciting transition into the Upper School (which spans Year 9-11).

The Upper School has designated houses, each of which has its own identity, loyal membership and competitive spirit. 

There is a wealth of pastoral support with a team of tutors, so pupils will be in a small tutor group with a designated tutor who will meet with them daily and supervise, guide and mentor them throughout the year.

In addition to tutors, the Upper School has a Head of Section who oversees all pupils and is responsible for their overall welfare.

There are many competitive and anxiously fought inter-house contests, including singing, chess and sporting activities and a hotly contested end of year cup – the Norman Cup - for the house with the most cumulative points throughout the year.

“Friendly, purposeful and busy, it is a solid, well-managed school, giving its pupils a sound education and masses of high points in developmental experience. Its flexible and approachable style means happy pupils and happy parents.” The Good Schools Guide