Upper School

Upper School (Years 9,10 & 11)

Year 9 is a popular entry point into Wellington School and we have many pupils joining us at that time.

These typically come from Prep Schools or some of the local Middle Schools, which go up to the end of Year 8. They are joined by our own Year 8 pupils to make the exciting transition into the Upper School (which spans Year 9-11).

The Upper School has its own dedicated Head of Section, Mrs Samantha Dean.  

There is also a Head of Year for all year groups from 7-13. Heads of Year are responsible for the pastoral wellbeing and academic progress of all pupils in their Year and for promoting the highest standards, both academically and in the behaviour and appearance of pupils in their Year Groups.

The tutors play a crucial role in overseeing pastoral care and academic progress.  Tutoring is the bedrock of pastoral care at Wellington. Tutors meet their tutees on a daily basis   and are the first point of contact for all of our families. 

Recently, we have completely re-organised the house structure so all houses are
co-educational and run throughout the School from Year 7 to the Sixth Form.

Various competitions will take place throughout the school year which will involve either the whole House or a select group.  Not all House activities are ’sport’ based and all House members will get involved in fund-raising and other engaging group activities.

Older students will mentor the younger ones and welcome them into the School and their House.

"Initial responsibility for general wellbeing lies with tutors, who get a good press both from students and parents. ‘They have dual role to encourage the reluctant to step forward and to manage any danger of overload,’ as one mother summed it up beautifully, but both tutors and teachers are sought out by their students in times of need.”  - The Good Schools Guide