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Sport, Performance and Wellbeing [SPW]

The aim of the Sport, Performance and Wellbeing Department is to provide a broad range of relevant and enjoyable activities that stimulate the bodies and minds of all our pupils. This is provided via co-curricular activities and within our syllabus. 

The whole department puts the development of skill acquisition and motor learning above all else, including any unnecessary and unhealthy focus on competition and winning for our younger pupils.

Our innovative Sports, Performance and Wellbeing syllabus guarantees that the understanding of the benefits of a healthy approach permeates every pupil’s school life.
We promote all aspects of health as well as teaching the importance of sportsmanship, teamwork, leadership and developing an appreciation of the abilities of others.

We incorporate a great degree of monitoring and fitness testing across the whole school. This allows us to see where all pupils start, develop a programme to enhance their fitness and monitor the outcomes.  

The whole syllabus is underpinned by robust scientific research, principles and techniques.

The syllabus is split into 3 different pathways;

  • Sport participation
  • Wellbeing
  • Sports performance

Each element has a clear and definitive purpose in a child’s athletic development and lifestyle awareness.


  • We aim to provide a level of sporting participation for all pupils, so every individual receives the level of activity that is necessary for it to positively influence his or her wellbeing. 
  • Dring the timetabled sports lesson, our key focus is on skill acquisition and motor learning - not game play. Our specialist coaches plan and oversee each lesson and focus on improving basic skill level. 
  • Everyone will receive the same coaching and attention to detail. Targets are set and attainment is encouraged for all pupils.