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Monitoring, Fitness Testing

Monitoring & Fitness Testing


All pupils are monitored on our Fitness and Wellbeing database. During the physical modules in the Wellbeing lessons pupils will wear heart rate monitors, which form the basis of the theoretical physiology module. All data is collected and fed back t the pupils, providing valuable information on effort and attainment.

All elite athletes are monitored during all physical participations and this data forms the basis of continued progression and targeted adaptation of physiological capacities.

What are we measuring?

Heart rate analysis

Time analysis - time spend exercising per session/week/phase.

Kilocalorie - energy used

Zone analysis- time spend in targeted zones

Functional movement screening [FMS]

All Year 7 and 8 pupils are screened to identify mechanical dysfunctions in their bodies. We identify potential weaknesses in the body, which will potentially stop any long-term injuries as they leave school.

Benchmarking skill acquisition sessions

All target sports lessons have key performance indicators [KPI], which are tested, based on their age group. Pupils are set skill challenges that identify needs and provide termly reports.
•    Attainment, effort and positive and honest feedback comments are provided. 

•    Points of action are also given to provide clear goals.

Fitness Testing

All pupils will be tested throughout their time at school. A generic health and wellbeing battery of tests will be performed 3 times per year which includes aerobic, anaerobic, strength, power, speed and also mobility tests

Pupils will also be tested on week 1 of every physical module during their wellbeing lessons. These tests will be specific to the module being taught.

Superheroes fundamental movement pattern screening

All pupils undertake a new and innovative early foundational skill programme called ‘superheroes’. Early intervention methods will be designed based on the levels each pupil achieves. This programme guarantees all our pupils are able to move effectively and efficiently irrespective of their sport.

It is a unique, fun, progressive and educational method of learning. The lessons are interactive through IPad and provide immediate feedback on the quality of basic movement patterns.