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We have a fresh and innovative approach to ‘PE’ lessons; we teach a healthy lifestyle to all our pupils that will serve them at school and long into the future.

Our aim is to articulate and embed the importance of physical wellbeing and provide wide opportunities to be active whether through team games, individual pursuits such as triathlon, or outdoor education. Pupils are guided to understand that their physical and mental wellbeing are closely linked, know how to look after themselves and see that there are numerous ways to remain active beyond team sports.

All of this ties into proactive pastoral care, with a separate focus on E-welfare and a constant promotion of the benefits of engaging all co-curricular activity to build confidence, ease stress and for fun. 

In addition to basic physical skills pupils learn nutrition, leadership and importance of emotional wellbeing. During the physical, pupils will wear heart rate monitors, which form the basis of the theoretical physiology module.